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Confirmation of pitch re-opening from June 25th

  • Jun 24,2020

Pitch re-opening and Covid-19 Guidelines on the Safe Return to Gaelic Games:

GREAT news, Valley Rovers pitches will re-open from Thursday, June 25th, with Adult training resuming, and Minor & below resuming from Saturday, June 27th 

(All other club facilities remain closed, pending further guidance from GAA HQ).  

During ‘lockdown’ the maintenance volunteers have done an excellent job readying the pitches for return to play and both the Bleach & Brinny are looking amazing. 

Note, all four goalmouths in Brinny have been re-sod and will remain closed off until mid July. 

Valley Rovers wish to remind all Team Mentors, Managers, Covid-19 Supervisors, adult players and parents of juveniles of the following, to ensure adherence to the Covid-19 Guidelines on the Safe Return to Gaelic Games: 

  1. To enable the Club to comply with Covid-19 guidelines adult players or parents of juveniles & "team personnel" need to complete the eLearning Module found by clicking the following link [all should print off the certificate of completion and retain for inspection by Covid-19 Supervisors]:
  2. Adult players / parents of juveniles and "backroom personnel" must complete the Health Questionnaire Form For Gaelic Games and make it available to team’s Covid-19 Supervisor, in advance of commencement of training. Form can be accessed by visiting the URL or by browsing the website and clicking the link on the homepage. 
  3. Finally to enable players to return to training, membership must be paid, otherwise players are not insured, under the Players Injury Scheme. Players cannot be permitted to train and / or play, if their membership has not been paid.

Note: Covid-19 Public Health Advice attached below, and on display in both the Bleach and Brinny as a reminder to all to ensure compliance.